Home Orientation and Punch List

It’s closing week! T minus 2 days!

On Saturday, we went up to the house and did our own walk through / punch list so we could look closely at everything on our own before going through the house with our field manager. This was recommended by a lot of people on Houzz, and while I’m glad we did it, it probably made us (me, anyway) more anxious than it should have because we saw lots of little touch-ups that needed to be done, and a couple things–one floorboard in particular that wasn’t even with the others and a cabinet door that looked off but probably just needs to be tightened–that we were unhappy about. We also worried about just how picky we could be and what requests are unreasonable.

I was all prepared to defend our numerous pictures of smudges and chips for our home orientation and punch list walk through with our field manager yesterday, but there was no need–he noted lots of little things we didn’t even see and marked any thing that we pointed out. He never acted like we were being too fussy or like he was reluctant to look into all the fixes we requested. We also didn’t realize that there would be yet another drywall touch up, paint touch up, and cleaning before we close on Thursday, so that made us feel even better.

He also let me choose between two tree options (we’ll get two in front, one in back), even though they don’t really seem to advertise that as a choice because there usually isn’t one. Our neighbors will likely have silver maples, but we’ll have Cleveland select pear trees, which flower in the spring, grow fast, and turn colors in the fall. They don’t grow pears you can eat, unfortunately. But I still have my eye on some peach trees I saw at Home Depot…

Cleveland Select pear tree | Ltshears on Wikimedia Commons
Cleveland Select pear tree | Ltshears on Wikimedia Commons

The only things left besides the touch-ups are the sod, seed, and landscaping. We’ve had so much rain lately that the builder hasn’t been able to get sod or start on the lawn. The yard was going to be leveled and graded on Monday afternoon, and it didn’t rain today, so I’m still hoping we’ll see green when we do our final walk through on Thursday before closing.

Oh, and more good news–we tested in the lowest bracket possible for radon, so we don’t need to worry about that!

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2 thoughts on “Home Orientation and Punch List

  1. I agree with the extensive walk-through list help from the GW forums. People think of so much that I would have let slip by. We have quite a few dings and marks on the drywall from the trim carpenters. Painting starts next week so hopefully most of that will be fixed. We will plant a few Cleveland pears as well! We have some now at this house and they are a nice sized tree that grows quickly. We need three or four on a side yard at the new house to give a little block from the neighbors property. Very pretty in spring!
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