Home Inspection Success

Our home inspection this morning was great! The inspector was thorough and gave us (and our field manager) a report with a bunch of photos he took, notes on condition and areas that need attention, and some maintenance tips. Aside from cosmetic issues (drywall touch-ups, etc.), the only issues he flagged were one widow that had some faulty springs, causing it to slam shut, and issues with the lawn grading and water runoff and pooling (because, as you can clearly see from the first photo below, nothing has been done with the lawn yet). Even though he didn’t find any major problems, we’re really glad we got the inspection done, just for peace of mind.

All the lighting looks a little weird in the photos (sorry, that’s what happens when my photography skills meet an iPhone camera) and the house looks more yellowish than it really is.

Good news from our field manager, too–they did not forget my extra bathroom outlet! It’s just hiding. Apparently they had a hard time finding it behind the cabinet and have yet to cut it out.


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