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6 weeks til closing week–which also hopefully means moving week! We’re talking with our landlord tomorrow to see if she’ll let us out of our lease early if we can move out by July 1, which would save us about the cost of the move. She’s only been our landlord for a few months, but she has been reasonable and flexible so far. The tricky thing is that she’s going to be out of the country while we’re moving, so there’s not much incentive for her to get us out early (since she’s probably moving in after us rather than renting to new tenants). I’m keeping my fingers crossed all the same.

With 6 weeks looming closer and closer, I’ve officially hit the Get Everything Done Now phase, also known as the Anne Goes a Little Crazy phase. I tend to over-plan and plan too soon and then have to change things I’ve scheduled, like transfers of utilities. I know it’s a time waster but doing something makes me feel like I know what needs to be done and am making progress…even if half that progress has to be redone :p

6 weeks isn’t too early to start packing, right?

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All of the packing advice says to sort and throw as you go, so I’ve been trying to fight my hoarder tendencies organize a bit. This involves many bags of stuff sitting in the hallway until I get to Goodwill, but hey, at least I’m getting rid of it. I’ve also been trying out two new selling services: The OfferUp app and (no affiliation; just trying them out).


OfferUp is like a Craig’s List app that’s super easy to use. You take a photo of what you want to sell; add a price, zip code, and short description; and then get instant messages through the app from anyone interested. I’ve listed about 15 things with no luck but I’ve also made $43 on stuff I was just going to get rid of anyway. I would have made $53 except the computer mouse that I found in a drawer and almost sold–because my desk drawer is a logical place to put broken electronics, right?–doesn’t work.


ThreadUP is an online consignment store that takes women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes. I think they take kids’ clothes, too. You request a seller clean out bag from them and then fill it with your stuff and mail it back in (for free; it has a prepackaged shipping label). If they take any of your items, you get paid right away through PayPal; anything they don’t take they donate. Most items are probably only worth a few dollars, but that’s on par with what the physical consignment shops tend to give. I haven’t sent in my bag yet, so I’ll have to post an update on whether anything sells.

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We were in Minnesota for my cousin’s wedding this weekend and haven’t been to see the house lately, but we know they put down the vinyl flooring and are starting on the cabinets this week!

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2 thoughts on “Sorting, Selling, Organizing, Packing

  1. Six weeks is definitely not too early to start packing! My first box was packed before we broke ground, in December. I am THAT ready to be in our home. I’ve packed enough to this point that we have two storage units full of boxes and furniture. We are still a good eight weeks out from finish. It’s nice to have the time to go through things instead of rushing and throwing stuff into boxes at the last minute.
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    1. I agree! We’re in full packing mode now (with 2 weeks left) but I’m so glad we started early. I want our closing day to be as stress-free as possible; I don’t want to be thinking about how we’re possibly going to get the rest of the house packed before moving day.

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