Pre-drywall Walkthrough and Some Happy Surprises

We had our pre-drywall walkthrough with our field manager yesterday, during which we went through a checklist of what’s been done on the house so far and took a bunch of pictures so we have a record of what’s behind the drywall. Lots of the photos looked the same (a bedroom is pretty much a bedroom), but here’s a small selection that gives an idea of what the inside of the house looks like at this point.

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We found out some pleasant surprises, too:

  • See that small window above the master shower? Yeah, I didn’t know that was going to be there.
  • See the built-in shelves in the shower? Didn’t know those would be there, either. We didn’t actually see the shower when we chose it because the model had an upgraded one with tile. Tile would have been ideal, but alas, that budget! I suppose the design center has a picture of this shower somewhere but we didn’t care all that much. We currently have a fiberglass shower and it’s fine, and this new one is bigger and nicer.
  • I forgot that we have a small linen closet in the upstairs hallway, and I learned that the master closet will come with one shelf tower in addition to the shelf that will run along the sides.
  • The bottom half of the windows fold in! I forget what that’s called and I didn’t take a picture, but trust me, it’s awesome. Now there’s a much better chance of us keeping the windows clean ;)
  • The crew messed up with the can lights in the kitchen, so we’re ending up getting an extra can for free. Gotta love free stuff.
  • There’s a good amount of storage under the stairs that we could eventually get to if we wanted. It would be accessed through the back of a hall closet. and the builders don’t put in a door or opening , but our field manager said he’s seen a lot of people open that up.
  • We didn’t put in a water softener and wish that we had (Indianapolis water is really hard), but the good news is if we want to put one in later (it would have to be pre-closing), they would just need to cut some drywall and would not have to mess with the concrete.
  • Perhaps best of all is the loft space, which is much bigger than either Adam or I expected. Now we’re rethinking our plans for the flex space downstairs and loft…

I think really the only unpleasant surprise was when I went back inside to take more pictures after the meeting was over and found one of the construction guys smoking in an upstairs bedroom. But, our field manager got right on it and assured me it won’t happen again. I’m sure it will, but at least I know he’s taking my concerns about it seriously.

We have set dates and times for the final meetings, too! If everything stays on schedule, we’ll close on June 25. If we schedule a third-party inspection, that will happen a couple days before, and then we’ll also have a last walkthrough meeting where we go through the punch list and learn about all of the outlets, where to turn off the gas and water, how to work the thermostat, and all of that stuff.

These next couple months will go by fast!


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