Bricks, Drywall, and a New Plan for the Flex Space

Construction continues!

Building a house: Exterior bricks|


Building a house: Sunroom drywall|

Building a house: Living room drywall|

Since the loft is bigger and the flex room is more open than we expected, we’re rethinking our plans for those spaces. My office is going to go in the loft, and we’re going to make the flex room into a library / piano room right away.

Here are a few pins from my loft/library inspiration board.

Must have: Piano, comfy chair(s), and lots of books.

Drums: No. Bar cart: Yes.  


Love all of this, except the chair.

I think we could pull something like this off. 


Of course, it will probably be a while before we can replace our clavinova, which was a gift from my parents and we’ve loved having. But a dedicated piano room kind of deserves a baby grand, right? ;) We certainly couldn’t buy a new one, but there are a surprising number of pianos on Craig’s List. Adam and I have been talking about one day having a piano/music room and library long before that fateful day we drove up to the model home, so I think it’s meant to be.

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4 thoughts on “Bricks, Drywall, and a New Plan for the Flex Space

  1. Looks like you guys will finish your construction project about the same time as ours. We are blogging about our build process at this link:

    I noticed all of you images have a watermark of your domain name embedded into the image. Are you using a wordpress plugin to accomplish this? If yes, which one? I think yours looks great and I’m about to start using the Image-Watermark plugin but wanted to see what you guys are using first. Your site looks great! So does you new house! Blessings, Anthony
    Anthony recently posted…SketchUp Tutorial for Woodworking ProjectsMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Anthony! Yes, it looks like we’re following a similar build timeline :) Your deck looks wonderful! I hope to be able to post about our cabinets this week as well.

      I just use for watermarking. It’s pretty simple, but a plugin sounds much easier. I’d love to hear what you think of Image-Watermark.

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