Some pictures of the yard

Here are my pictures from Tuesday:

Building a house: 4.28.15 |
Not much new here–it’s inside where everything is happening.
Building a house: 4.28.15 |
Looking through the living room windows toward the front door. Fireplace is on the right. Kitchen is toward the left.
Building a house: 4.28.15 |
Plenty of room for a patio and a garden :)
Building a house: 4.28.15 |
Ours is on the left. When we first visited the community (“just to check it out”), we were turned off by how close the houses were to each other. With our lot, I don’t think we’ll need to worry.

Remember the no-smoking policy I wrote about the other day?

One of many.

Ugh. At least they’re outside. We’ll see what our field manager has to say about it at our predrywall meeting. All the doors were installed and locked on Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to the walkthrough!

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