Fireplace tile

Here’s what the house looks like today:

Building a house: 4.25.15 |

One garage door is on, the roof is done (or at least, work has been done on it), the fireplace insert is in, and the plumbing is done.

Here’s a peek inside:

Building a house: 4.25.15 |

And here’s the tile we picked out for the fireplace hearth:

Building a house: 4.25.15 |

It’s next to the carpet that will go in the living room, which looks super brown in this photo. It should look more of a cream color once it’s in.

One of the notes I wrote down from perusing the Houzz message boards was to ask our field manager about construction workers smoking on the site. (I don’t think anyone has been smoking on our site, but a lot of people reported this problem when they were building their homes.) We were glad to hear today that the builders have a strong no-smoking policy that they readily enforce, so that’s one thing we shouldn’t have to worry about.

We have our predrywall walkthrough meeting at the end of next week. We’ll be taking lots of photos so we have a record of the electric wires, studs, etc. behind the drywall. So, lots of photos to come! In the meantime, I’m planning to make another visit on Tuesday. Hopefully the next pictures will have some sun in them!

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7 thoughts on “Fireplace tile

    1. Hooray! Thanks for stopping by! My OpenID is not playing nice at the moment and I’m not able to comment on your blog, but I’m looking forward to following your build as well.

  1. Love your house so far! It looks like you will have lots of light with all those windows! I found you through gardenweb and look forward to following your progress. Here’s hoping for many more sunny days!

  2. They are really moving on your house! I see the gloomy weather is there :( Oh, the smoking. We’ve had LOTS of it here. I can’t babysit these men everyday. I just want the work done on time. I don’t see how you install electrical wiring with a smoke dangling from your lips. Whatever. We are at least six weeks behind schedule so I have reached that point of ‘just get it done’. The forums have been such a huge help! So glad I stumbled upon it. And OpenID gives me trouble every single time!
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    1. Oh, I would be at that point too! We got a later start on the groundbreaking than planned but seem to have caught up to our original schedule. I’ve loving the GW forums!

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