Yep, We’re Building a House!

So back in January, Adam and I learned that our landlord wanted to sell his condo and that we had until the end of our lease in July to find somewhere else to live. We talked about buying the condo. We talked about the disheartening house visits we had made before moving into the condo. We talked about three moves in as many years and being tired, tired, tired of moving and renting. And then we got a little excited and a little panicked and a little crazy and signed a home-building contract for a new community under development in the suburbs.

Anne on the lot
Here’s me on the lot. Adam vetoed our selfie, which really only showed our faces anyway. Not that there’s much to see here yet…

Beautiful, isn’t it? ;)

We don’t have any experience with homeownership, let alone building a house. What we do have are supportive families, lots of Pinterest boards and inspiring bloggers, and each other. This is going to be a long journey that should see some exciting changes along the way, and we hope to document it here.

If you’re not interested in the process of building a home, paint colors, layout options, and (hopefully successful) DIY house projects, then you’re probably best off ignoring this blog. But if you like HGTV and obsessing over minute design choices and pictures of Tuck (our cat)–or if you just want to see what we’re up to–we hope you’ll stick around (and say hello)!

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2 thoughts on “Yep, We’re Building a House!

  1. Wow! Really neat you guys! I look forward to watching this adventure. If I am ever in the area I will totally help out in any way I can :)

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